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You can count on our tailored treatments to exterminate problem ants and to protect your home from further invasion.

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$345.00 Full internal & external ant treatment

$230.00 External only treatment

$195.50 Internal only treatment

More about Ants

If you’re having a problem with ants, it’s more than likely white-footed house ants are visiting your place. These small black ants are the most common species of ant in the Auckland region and are most often the ones we treat for when clients call our ant exterminators and we visit their homes or businesses.

Theses ants prefer to nest in cavities, so it’s very common to find them nesting in the walls and ceilings, usually on the sunny side of your home.

Most of the time they’re not a problem as they’re quite happy to forage for food and water outside of the home. However, if their nest is disturbed or food and water become scarce you will start to notice annoying ant trails to any food they can find in your home.

What if they’re not the white-footed house ant?

Less common, problem ants in and around Auckland are the common black house ant, coastal brown ants and Argentine ants. Problems with these species are less common but it’s critical you get the right ant exterminators and the right type of treatment for these different ant species. The wrong treatment tends make the ant problem worse and more difficult to gain future control.

Our experienced technicians will ensure you get the right treatment for the ant you need to control.

Bug King are AntPro certified ant exterminatorsAntPro certified exterminators are trained to a high degree to ensure the ants invading your home are correctly identified and effectively exterminated.

What we do

When treating for ants our key focus is exterminating the queen ants in the nests around your home.

To do this we use a non-repellent treatment around the outside of your house targeting ant nests, ant highways and active ant trails. The ants pick-up microscopic particles of the treatment and transfer it back to the nests causing the nest to collapse and die.

In most cases this happens within a week. However, if it’s a particularly large nest this may take up to 5 weeks.

If you want immediate relief from ants trailing internally, we can apply a repellent treatment in problem areas throughout your home. This keeps the ants outside while the external treatment does its work.

Quite often customers concerned about chemicals in their homes request and external treatment only.

If you want advice on ant issues and which treatment options will suit you best, feel free to give our ant control team a call. Call Bug King on 0800 546454.

Preparation & Aftercare

For external treatments only, no preparation or aftercare is required.

For internal treatments the following preparations need to be made;

  • Cover or put away exposed foods like fruit bowls, etc.
  • Put clean dishes, tea towels and paper towels away. It’s OK to leave dishes out if they’re going to be washed. 
  • Put away toothbrushes, towels and toilet paper
  • Cover fish tanks and turn the pump off.
  • Ensure pet food is covered or put away
  • Pull the duvet up to cover all pillows on the bed and cover any cots.
  • You will need to vacate your home for a minimum of 4 hours from the time the treatment is completed.

Aftercare for internal treatments;

  • On return, enter your home and open windows and doors and allow to air for 10mins.
  • Wipe down all food preparation surfaces. We recommend using rubber gloves while doing this and being conscious of not rubbing your eyes until the gloves are removed.

Our internal treatments use synthetic pyrethroids (which are based on natural pyrethrums). The products we use have been proven safe in sensitive situations over several decades. All treatments are professionally applied and are at a level that are very safe for humans and pets. All products are readily metabolized. If you do come into contact with the treatment it will just pass straight through you and not build up in your body over time.


It’s always good to take someone else’s word for it!  Read what our customers have said about us following a successful pest removal. We can also arrange for you to speak directly to someone who has used our services, as we appreciate that you need to be absolutely certain about how our pest control works before you ask us into your home.