Pest control with peace of mind.

Peace of mind that your school’s pest control problem is being handled by experts.

Our approach is always tailored to your school’s specific pest issues, so it’s safer, more effective and more efficient.

Bug King’s carefully selected products and state-of-the-art application ensure the safety of your staff and students.

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Info about pest control in Auckland schools


We are more than happy to come on-site  to tailor a specific programme for your school’s pest control needs. Please call the team to arrange a cost free visit.

Pricing for our pest control services is available under the pricing drop-down on the individual pest pages.

Why Bug King?

We provide pest control services to a number of schools throughout the Auckland region. We understand a schools’ key requirements:

  • Cost-effective pest control services
  • Regular, reliable rodent service visits
  • Solutions to treat for fleas and bush cockroaches as required
  • React quickly to pest issues that directly threaten students (i.e. wasp infestations)
  • Surety of cost.

Our pest control programmes are individually tailored to meet all these requirements.

What we do

Pest control in Auckland schools is usually focused on rodent control in and around school buildings with a focus on food preparation, storage and waste areas.

Our rodent baiting programmes are designed to constantly control and minimise rodent activity in the school. The flexibility of our programmes mean they can easily be scaled up or down with peaks in rodent activity.

Other common pest challenges for schools are fleas and cockroaches.


Proactively treating for fleas is significantly easier than trying to control a flea infestation in a school.

We recommend that schools throughout Auckland treat for fleas annually as a proactive preventative measure. We usually complete these treatments over term breaks, working closely with carpet cleaners.

No Auckland school that has completed a Bug King annual preventative flea treatment has ever experienced a problem with fleas.


In nearly all cases the cockroaches we treat for are bush cockroaches. The treatment is not focused on exterminating them – they actually do some really good work outside in gardens – but in excluding them from entering school buildings.

Repellent treatments are applied to buildings to discourage cockroaches from entering. If they do come into contact with the treatment, they will die.

Whilst rodents, fleas and cockroaches are the most common pests we treat for in Auckland schools, we do offer a full suite of pest control services, including birds, if required.

If you need advice on pest control in Auckland, feel free to give the team a call on 0800 54 64 54.

Fully compliant with all your Health & Safety requirements

Under H & S legislation you are responsible for the H & S of your staff, students and the service people that enter your school. Bug King has passed independent H & S assessments by Prequal & Maintenance Manager.  You can be confident that you, your staff and your students will be protected from any H & S risks.

Staff and student Safety

Our treatments use synthetic pyrethroids (which are based on natural pyrethrums). The products we use have been proven safe in sensitive situations over several decades. All treatments are professionally applied at a safe level for humans and pets. All products are readily metabolized. If anyone does come into contact with the treatment it will just pass straight through them with no long-term build-up.

When baiting for rodents, particularly in schools, the security of our bait placements is a very high priority. All bait is secured in high-quality lockable bait stations that are securely fixed to walls, paths, etc.


It’s always good to take someone else’s word for it!  Read what our customers have said about us following a successful pest removal. We can also arrange for you to speak directly to someone who has used our services, as we appreciate that you need to be absolutely certain about how our pest control works before you ask us into your home.