Are your furry family members bringing in unwanted guests?

Live in Auckland and need an exterminator for fleas? 

You can trust us to protect your family from sore, itchy bites with our quality treatments that kill all stages of the flea life-cycle, ensuring a flea-free environment.

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Treatments start from $310.00

A six-month warranty applies to all treatments.

More about flea infestations

Fleas breed in carpet pile, soft furnishings and cracks and crevices where dust and moisture can gather. Other common flea breeding areas are pet bedding areas or areas outside where pets like to rest. Stray cats prowling around your home or living under the house is also a common source of flea infestations.

I haven’t seen any fleas, do I have fleas?

With most of the enquiries from customers about bites, a flea is never sighted. Usually you’ll notice the bites in bed and think it’s bed-bugs. In 99% of cases the problem insects are fleas. If any of these apply, the problem is more than likely fleas:

  • Multiple family members are getting bitten. 
  • The bites are on the feet, lower leg and/or around the waist.

I flea treat my pets regularly, why do I have fleas?

Pets regularly pick-up fleas. If we flea treat them regularly, we usually don’t notice them as they prefer to feed on the pet. If the pet is removed from the home or rests in a room it usually doesn’t have access to, the fleas will mature and then feed on any available food source. More than likely, that will be you and your family.

Quite often you’ll get fleas and immediately kick the cat/dog outside. This takes the preferred food source away and forces the fleas to bite you. A better option would be to immediately flea treat the pet but not restrict access to areas it usually frequents.

I don’t have pets, why do I have fleas?

The most common reasons for people who don’t have pets to pick-up fleas are stray animals hanging around the home, friends who visit with pets and the at-risk work environments. Hospitals and schools are common places to pick up fleas.

I’ve tried flea bombs but they don’t work. Why?

It all comes down to the flea life-cycle. Flea bombs will only kill the adult fleas and the larvae. This only makes up 40% of the flea population. The other 60% are unaffected by the flea bomb fumes and the killing power stops once the fumes disappear.

flea bombs nz

I’ve just got back from holiday, walked in the house and tiny fleas have jumped all over my legs.

This is all to do with the flea life-cycle again. You’ve gone on holiday and planned for someone to care for your pet. This has removed the fleas preferred food source from the home. While you’re away the fleas move through their life-cycle and are starving when you finally return. When you walk in the door, they’ll sense your body heat and immediately hatch and leap on you to feed. Their tiny because they’re young fleas freshly hatched from pupae.

Not sure whether you have fleas or not? Give our Bug King team a call on 0800 546454 for advice on whether you need exterminator for fleas and the best way to get rid of your problem.

What we do

Our flea treatments are focused on covering off flea breeding areas and exterminating all stages of the flea lifecycle.

We apply a spray treatment directly to carpets and rugs, skirting boards and tongue and groove floors throughout your home. The technician will also identify other potential breeding areas (pet resting areas inside and out, sub-floor, etc) and treat these as well.

The treatment contains products to exterminate adult fleas and, more importantly, a growth regulator to kill eggs as they hatch.

Flea control is usually gained with 2 days, but you may notice the odd flea for up to 2 weeks as maturing fleas hatch from the pupae. These will die soon after coming into contact with the treatment.

Need an exterminator for fleas at your home or business? Give the team a call for advice or to make a booking. Phone Bug King on 0800 546454.

Preparation & Aftercare

The following preparation needs to be made for flea treatments:

  • IMPORTANT. Remove small items from the floor and underneath beds (do not store on top of the bed, we may need to treat these).
    The more floor space we cover, the better the treatment.
  • If you are getting bitten in bed, strip the bed and hot wash the sheets. 
  • OPTIONAL. Vacuum carpets thoroughly. This raises the pile and allows the treatment to penetrate better. If vacuuming, seal and discard the contents of the vacuum bag.
  • Cover fish tanks and turn the pump off.
  • Ensure pet food is covered or put away.
  • Vacate your home a minimum of 4 hours from the time the treatment is completed.


  • On return, enter your home and open windows and doors and allow to air for 10mins.
  • If your carpet has thicker pile. We recommend wearing slippers for 24 hours. If the pile is thicker there can be some residual dampness deeper in the pile.

Our internal treatments use synthetic pyrethroids (which are based on natural pyrethrums). The products we use have been proven safe in sensitive situations over several decades. All treatments are professionally applied and are at a level that are very safe for humans and pets. All products are readily metabolized. If you do come into contact with the treatment it will just pass straight through you and not build up in your body over time.


It’s always good to take someone else’s word for it!  Read what our customers have said about us following a successful pest removal. We can also arrange for you to speak directly to someone who has used our services, as we appreciate that you need to be absolutely certain about how our pest control works before you ask us into your home. 

Kate Gooch
Kate Gooch
November 27, 2022.
Excellent service and after care to ensure I was a very happy customer with no ants!
Richenda Oh
Richenda Oh
November 16, 2022.
Use this guy! He is good, was down to earth, upfront and easily and quickly told us which rodents we had where and how to get rid of them.
Rebecca Yeng Tung
Rebecca Yeng Tung
October 30, 2022.
So this is my second time using Bug King, I had used them last year, since then we have bought a new home and the previous owners had a dog so naturally how new home had fleas which was biting my young children at night. Just like my 5 star experience before we go the same 5 star treatment second time around. Mo was once again earlier than expected which was great he did what he had to and went over and beyond what we expected. Yvette in the office was a breeze to work with. My kids have not been bitten since so I am one happy mum with happy kids! I didn't expect anything less from Bug King and as long as the awesome service doesn't change I will always be a loyal customer if I do anything done at my house they will always be my first point of contact! Thanks again Mo and Yvette best in business!
Tas Matiatos
Tas Matiatos
August 23, 2022.
Thank you to the team at Bugking. Perfect result, the insect problem has gone! Friendly staff and very professional. Highly recommend.
Grace Vujnovich
Grace Vujnovich
August 17, 2022.
Great experience working with the Bug King team. Mark was professional and friendly and haven't seen an ant since :)
Mark Leslie
Mark Leslie
May 11, 2022.
We've just had our final inspection completed, and have been thoroughly impressed by Bug King's responsiveness and service. Mo was a pleasure to deal with! Thank you Bug King for all your assistance, and putting our minds at ease!
Ross Bymolt
Ross Bymolt
April 14, 2022.
The previous tenants had 3 pets who clearly had thousands of their own pets! After 9 flea bombs, we admitted defeat and I called Mark who was able to accommodate us the next day which was amazing. He explained the flea life cycle and why the bombs weren't working, and why his solution would. Half an hour later the house was treated, and so far so good! I definitely recommend Bug King for a top notch, professional service.