Want to know how to get rid of the cockroaches you can’t see?

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Cockroaches are just gross, and they are a health hazard. Get rid of cockroaches the clever way.

Cockroaches – there’s more than meets the eye

Cockroaches hunt in packs. If you see one, chances are there are many more of them lurking out of view in the darkest, quietest corners of your home.

Of all the common household pests we see in New Zealand, they are the most adaptable and they are very good at keeping a low profile. Cockroaches can hide in walls, cupboards, skirting boards and under appliances. A single nest can be home to hundreds of the creepy critters.

Fortunately, thanks to years of experience, at Bug King we know how to get rid of the cockroaches who are hiding out at your place!

Call us and you can count on your family being safe from cockroaches. That’s our Bug King promise.

how can we get rid of cockroaches

Cockroaches can be found skulking and scurrying virtually everywhere people live or work. These filthy nocturnal pests are skilful hitchhikers, prolific breeders and seem to be able to tolerate many types of pest control treatments. 

The TV series Mythbusters did test the cockroach survival and nuclear war theory by exposing cockroaches to radioactive material. The roaches did survive longer than humans would have but did die at extreme levels of radiation. No, we’re not going to nuke them.

Cockroaches are hardy creatures and getting rid of them successfully is not straightforward. To eradicate a cockroach infestation, both the cockroaches and eggs need to be dealt to. The key is detecting infestations early and applying treatments aligned to their breeding patterns.

The best way to remove them from your home is with purpose designed products administered by pest control experts. Us! The team at Bug King

Info on how to get rid of the cockroaches that have moved in …


$287.50 German Cockroaches (the nasty ones that live in your kitchen). 

From $195.50 Wood Cockroaches (outdoor cockroaches that occasionally wander into your home).

A 6-month warranty applies to all treatments (unless otherwise specified).

More about how to get rid of cockroaches

There are broadly 2 types of cockroach our customers encounter:

German cockroaches (indoor cockroaches)
You will usually find these in your kitchen, living behind your fridge, in the base of the cordless jug, in your microwave and dishwasher. If you turn on the light in the kitchen you will probably see them scuttling away.

Wood cockroaches (outdoor cockroaches)
There are many different species of wood cockroach and they look vastly different. What they do have in common they much prefer to live outside. However, you may see the odd one indoors if their habitat is disturbed. Things like gardening, having firewood delivered, house washing or heavy rain. Wood cockroaches also like to live in letterboxes, it is very common to bring cockroaches in with the mail.

How do I know which cockroach I have?

It’s hard for an inexperienced person to identify cockroach type by sight. It is easier to identify whether they’re indoor or outdoor cockroaches by the location in your home. 

If you find them in your kitchen, living behind the fridge, in the base of the cordless jug, in the microwave or dishwasher, they are highly likely be the nasty indoor German cockroaches.

If you find them in odd places around your home, like the lounge wall or bedroom curtain, it is highly likely these are outdoor cockroaches. You will never find an indoor cockroach in these areas unless it is a very, very bad cockroach infestation.

Do DIY cockroach treatments work?

Most people see a cockroach and immediately grab a can of bug spray, but a quick spray from an aerosol can won’t provide long-term cockroach control and can actually make the problem worse by forcing the cockroaches into other parts of the home.

Most of the ingredients in off-the-shelf aerosol and “bomb” treatments repel cockroaches. Using these products can cause cockroaches to hide deeper inside walls and be more difficult to control later. 

Effective cockroach eradication requires an understanding of the type of critter that’s in your home, what they need to survive and how to exterminate or exclude them.

Our experienced technicians will ensure you get the right treatment for the type of cockroach you need to control.

What we do

The approach to cockroach control depends on the type of cockroach you’re having problems with. 

German cockroaches

We use a spray/bait to spot treat through-out infested areas. The bait in the spray is not poisonous but will attract the cockroaches to where the treatment has been applied. While the cockroaches are eating the bait, they’re picking up thousands of particles of micro-encapsulated treatment which they transfer back to the nesting areas. The treatment is passed through-out the nest and kills the cockroaches when it enters their bodies. Usually the cockroaches are gone with-in a couple of days, but you may notice small cockroaches as they hatch from egg sacs. They will die when they come into contact with the treatment.

While unusual, if it is a particularly bad infestation, we may recommend a follow-up treatment after 2 weeks.

Wood cockroaches

For wood cockroach control our focus is on keeping the cockroaches out of your home. To do this we apply a highly repellent external barrier around the base of the house, windows, doors and any other entry points we identify (pipes, wires, support poles for balconies, trees touching the house). Any cockroaches approaching the barrier will sense it and move back into the garden. If they do cross the barrier they will die.

If you want advice on what cockroach you have and which cockroach control treatments suit you best, feel free to give the team a call. Phone Bug King on 0800 546454.

Preparation & Aftercare

No special preparation or aftercare is required for our cockroach control treatments.

Internal treatments

No preparation is required. We prefer you to leave the infested areas as they are as this will reduce the risk of the cockroaches spreading to other areas if they’re disturbed. 

External treatments

Close all the doors and windows while the treatment is being applied.


Our unique internal treatment is so safe we can apply it to commercial kitchens while they’re cooking.

Our external treatments use synthetic pyrethroids (which are based on natural pyrethrums). The products we use have been proven safe in sensitive situations over several decades. All treatments are professionally applied and are at a level that are very safe for humans and pets. All products are readily metabolized. If you do come into contact with the treatment it will just pass straight through you and not build up in your body over time.

We know how to get rid of the cockroaches

Our team of cockroach control experts will come to your home and make it safe and wonderfully cockroach free. Get in touch today.


It’s always good to take someone else’s word for it!  Read what our customers have said about us following a successful pest removal. We can also arrange for you to speak directly to someone who has used our services, as we appreciate that you need to be absolutely certain about how our pest control works before you ask us into your home.