Auckland Rodent and Insect Control 

You can count on Bug King to keep you, your family, your pets and your business safe and healthy.

The complete rodent and insect control service in Auckland

Bug King – your reliable, safe Auckland pest control team. We organise clear quotes, give free advice and provide guaranteed treatments a set price, where ever you are in Auckland.

Most of our treatments use synthetic pyrethroids, which are based on natural pyrethrums found in the chrysanthemum daisy. Synthetic Pyrethroids (SP) not only kill insects after they come into contact with a treated surface, but they will also deter them from even entering your home.

Have uninvited guests decided to move in?

Call Bug King and we’ll sort them. We’ll get rid of fleas, flies, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, rodents, borer and wasps once and for all. Whatever your pest issue, we can solve it. We provide professional rodent and insect control solutions to get rid of the dangerous pests that can plague families, homes and businesses across Auckland.

Pest control services

Your time is precious. When you arrange for us to come to your home or business, we will book a confirmed appointment time so you know when to expect us. We do everything we can to be on time, but in the event we are running late, we will always call you to keep you updated on our arrival time.

It’s this level of service that makes us stand out from other Auckland pest control companies.

The Bug King promise

You can count on discretion. You can count on being pest free. And you can count on the home or business you treasure being safe and sound.

Call Bug King on 0800 54 64 54. We’re the exterminators Auckland residents and business owners know they can rely upon for fast, efficient, safe results.

No pests and no mucking about

At Bug King we know how frustrating poor service can be. We value our customers and take pride in the amount of business sent our way by word of mouth; we think it’s because of our consistently good customer service.

Check out what some of our clients have told us:

“Auckland’s most customer focussed Pest Controller” “If you are after good service, great communication and someone who is passionate about their business (and cares about your bug problem), don’t bother calling anyone else…..”
Denise, Cockle Bay. Rated 100% for communication, quality, reliability, value.

“…excellent – efficient, punctual, polite and professional…”
Alex, One Tree Hill. Rated 100% for communication, quality, reliability, value.

“Prompt, professional service, offering sound practical solutions…”
Mark, Remuera. Rated 100% for communication, quality, reliability, value.

“Fantastic and reliable service – recommend to all.”
Andrew, Three Kings. Rated 100% for communication, quality, reliability, value.

If you’ve been ringing around for quotes to get rid of insects and rodents, you’ll know getting good service isn’t always easy. If you need rat, mice or insect control carried out anywhere in Auckland, contact Bug King. We can talk about what we’d do to get rid of them and advise on your pest issues in general. Our team is there to offer helpful, friendly solutions.

We understand that you’re putting a lot of trust in our hands, which is why all of our team members are qualified and considerate. They will take the time to understand your concerns, find the best solution, and then they will explain exactly what they’re going do, so you will know what to expect. There will be no surprises, just no pests.

Insect Control Services Across Auckland


Pests are attracted to places that offer food, warmth or protection and they make it home. Sound like your place? Call us so you can open your door to a happy, healthy rodent and pesky insect free home. We will take care of your pest problem quickly and efficiently.


Commercial properties require thorough and frequent monitoring to ensure the premises are pest free and comply with health and safety standards. We build our reputation by safeguarding yours. We won’t let an encounter with a pest at your business ruin your good name.

Getting rid of insects and rodents that decide to call your place home is what we’re good at. Call Bug King. We’ll give you your home or business back so you can sleep easy.

Simple and effective rodent and insect control

We make rodent and insect control simple and easy to understand. You will get plain English explanations of what we recommend, how we will do it and the results you can expect. Bug King’s pricing is easy to understand and we can tailor our rodent and insect control treatments to get rid of the pests from your place in the most cost-effective way.

Pricing for cockroach control:

$330.00 German Cockroaches (nasty indoor cockroaches).
From $277.00 for Wood Cockroaches (harmless outdoor cockroaches that wander in occasionally).
A 6 month warranty applies to all cockroach treatments unless otherwise specified.

Pricing for ant control:

From $295.00 External only treatment.
$253.00 Internal only treatment.
From $417.50 Full internal & external treatment (3 month warranty).

Additional charges may apply for very large homes.

.Pricing for bed bug control:

$379.50 for one bedroom.
$255.00 per room for 2 or more bedrooms.
All treatments come with a 6 month warranty unless specified otherwise.

Pricing for flea control:

Treatments start from $310.00
A 6 month warranty applies to all treatments.

Pricing for borer control:

$253.00 Roof and sub-floor inspection.
From $253.00 internal borer “on the wing” treatment.
Quote if sub-floor/roof treatment needed.

Pricing for wasp control:

$253.00 to exterminate all wasp nests around your home.

Pricing for rodent control:

$253.00 includes a rat bait station or 5 x mouse bait stations (if required).
If the infestation is severe, we may need to do a 7-day follow-up visit.
$215.00 7 day follow-up visit.
We guarantee to exterminate all rodent nests.

Pricing for spider control :

From $285.00 for an external treatment.
From $253.00 for an internal treatment.
From $395.00 for a full internal & external treatment.
From $445.50 for a full white-tail treatment. Internal & external.
A 6 month warranty applies to all treatments.

Pricing for fly control:

From $253.00 Internal only treatment (3-month warranty, conditional).
From $253.00 External only treatment (no warranty).
From $375.00 Full internal & external treatment (3-month warranty).

Help with rodent and insect control

Bug King is registered with WINZ (Work and Income), so you may be able to get extra financial assistance for pest control services. If you need a WINZ quote to get rid of pests at your place, contact us on 0800 54 64 54.

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