Do you know who else is sharing your home?

Have you heard scratching noises or come across small dark-brown droppings? If so, then you could have a rodent infestation, but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

The Bug King Comprehensive 3-R Process

how much to get rid of rats

When it comes to pest control for rats, this is what the Bug King team do.

Eliminate the reasons

Advice on eliminating access to sources of food and shelter in around your home.

Eliminate the routes

A thorough inspection of your home and identity access points and recommendations to eliminate them.

Eliminate the rodents

A treatment tailored to your specific situation to ensure we exterminate the infestation with no risk to you, your family, and your pets.

You call a rat exterminator because you want results, and you want them fast. So, get a rodent exterminator who knows what they’re doing.

We guarantee to get rid of all current nests.

Contact us to discuss a tailored rodent control solution for your home or workplace.

Signs of rats

Rodents are most active during the night therefore it is often easier to spot the signs of a rodent infestation than the actual rodent.

  • Droppings – droppings are dark-brown in a tapered, spindle shape – like a grain of rice.
  • Rub marksgrease and dirt on their bodies leaves smudges on surfaces.
  • Scratching noises – they are agile climbers and often found in lofts so you might hear scratching noises at night.
  • Holes they are well known for digging extensive burrow systems for shelter, food storage and nesting.
  • Nests – they will shred available materials such as loft insulation, cardboard and other soft items to make nests.
  • Footprints – they leave foot and tail marks in dusty, less-used areas of rooms and buildings.

Where are the rats hiding?

Winter rodents love to take refuge in and around your warm home. Got rats living in your roof?

As there’s no food or water in your roof, there’s only one reason they’re up there. It’s a nice warm, dry, predator-free place for a nest.

Rats might chew pipes and wires (and pretty much anything) but it’s not because they’re looking for water. It’s natural behaviour. Rodents’ teeth grow continuously, and they need to constantly chew to keep them at a manageable length.

Stop rats from damaging your electrical wiring, water pipes and insulation. For expert pest control for rats and mice ….

Proven pest control for rats

The most successful way to get rid of rats is a baiting strategy. When set up correctly, they overcome all the natural rodent behaviours which is why they are more successful than other rat and mouse control methods.

Our pest control technician will complete a thorough inspection of your home, looking for potential access points, evidence of rodent activity and food sources that attract rats and mice.

Baits will be secured in areas where there is evidence of activity. Baits are secured using wire and/or in lockable bait stations if there are children or pets around. Secure bait stations also mean we can monitor the level of rodent activity or make a return visit if required.

Need to contact a pest control company who’ll expertly, discreetly, and safely rid your place of all kinds of pests? Call 0800 546454 for advice or to make a booking for a proven rodent control solution for your home or business.

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Warranties provided on all treatments
  • Unmarked vehicles available on request

Info on our pest control for rats


$195.50 includes 2 x rat bait stations, or 4 x mouse bait stations (if required).

If the infestation is severe, we may recommend a 7-day follow-up visit.

$172.50 7-day follow-up visit

We guarantee to exterminate existing rat/mouse nests on your property.

Preparation & Aftercare

No preparation or aftercare is required for rodent treatments.


We make the security of our bait placements a high priority. If children or pets have potential access the bait, we will secure it in a high-quality lockable bait station. If bait is placed in inaccessible areas, we will wire it in place to ensure that rodents can’t drag it to new locations.

All bait we use contains Bitrex™. This makes the bait very bitter to the taste, discouraging eating.

If bait is accidentally consumed, an injection of Vitamin K1 will overcome any poisoning effects. The bait is not fast acting, you will have days rather than hours to react to any bait accidentally consumed.


It’s always good to take someone else’s word for it!  Read what our customers have said about us following a successful pest removal. We can also arrange for you to speak directly to someone who has used our services, as we appreciate that you need to be absolutely certain about how our pest control works before you ask us into your home.