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Count on us to keep you, your family, your pets and your business safe and healthy 

The complete pest control service

Bug King – we’re your reliable, safe, North Shore pest control team. We organise clear quotes, give free advice, and we provide guaranteed treatments a set price, no matter where you are on Auckland’s North Shore.

Our pest control services range from Devonport to Albany. We cover Takapuna, Milford, Northcote, Birkenhead, Browns Bay, Wairau Park, Mairangi Bay and everywhere in between.

Get rid of unwanted guests from your home or business

Call Bug King and you’ll get quality service; we’ll make sure those pests are gone for good.  Our professionally trained staff are always at the ready to help with your pesky pest problems – no matter the scale.

Treating pests early saves you money and is more effective. We recommend treating pests before they establish themselves and get out of control. Wait too long and next minute, you have a pest population that is difficult to manage or eradicate.

Effective, long-term pest control

Our professional pest technicians are trained not only to treat the pest problem but to also look at the root cause. They will take the time to understand your concerns and provide recommendations on how to sort out those pests in and around the property.

How do we get rid of pests?

Your health and safety are paramount and we put you and your family first, always.

Not only do we provide quick, safe and thorough pest treatment, but we will give you reliable preventative home pest control solutions that can halt those critters in their tracks before the problem gets away on you. We will take the time to understand your needs and determine the best solution, then our experienced team will explain the pest extermination process and guide you every step of the way, so you will know exactly what to expect.

Whatever the size, they’re gone

We offer home and business pest control solutions to treat any sized pest problem. Our treatments and products are pest specific; they are not harmful to humans or pets.

If you live or work on the North Shore, call Bug King on 0800 54 64 54. We’re the exterminators North Shore residents and business owners know they can rely upon for fast, efficient, safe results.

Safe treatments for pets and humans, no matter their size

Our treatments are safe for you, your family and your pets.  Most of our treatments use synthetic pyrethroids, which are based on natural pyrethrums found in the chrysanthemum daisy. They are UV and acid resistant, so they remain effective for longer. 

Synthetic Pyrethroids (SP) not only kill insects after they come into contact with a treated surface, but they will also deter them from even entering your home.

All treatments are applied and at a level that won’t affect mammals.

These chemicals have been proven safe in sensitive situations over several decades. They were approved of by the Health Department, Pesticides Board and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry before being released for use in the commercial and domestic pest control markets.

North Shore Pest Control Services


Nobody asks pests to come to their place. Finding them can be very upsetting. We give our customers real peace of mind. You can count on discretion. You can count on being pest free. And you can count on your family being safe. That’s our Bug King promise.


We provide pest control services to a variety of businesses and commercial sites for various pests across the North Shore, although you’d never know it. We will work discretely to keep your business safe by tailoring pest management programs specific to your business.

If you’ve got a pest problem or suspect that you may have one, call us. We’re more than happy to chat about our pest control services or provide advice on how to get rid of pests. We’ll answer all your questions and provide no-obligation help.

Considered, informed pest control

We custom design our control solutions to suit you, and we can work around your busy schedule. We are respectful of your home and promise to leave it in the condition in which we find it – minus the pests. If bait treatments are needed, they are always placed in approved containers and thoughtfully positioned to minimise any risk to children or pets.

What do you have to do?

  • For any internal treatments we ask you to leave your home for a around four to five hours.
  • For external treatments, you can stay at home, but you’ll need to stay inside and close all doors and windows.
  • Preparation and aftercare differ depending on the pest we’re treating for. Instructions for treatments are detailed under the individual pest information pages.

Aftercare for internal treatments can involve, for example:

  • Opening windows and doors to allow your home to air for about 15 minutes.
  • Wiping down all food preparation surfaces using rubber gloves while being careful not to rub your eyes.

Preparation can involve, for example:

  • Covering or putting away exposed foods like fruit bowls, etc.
  • Putting clean dishes, tea towels and paper towels away.
  • Putting away toothbrushes, towels and toilet paper.
  • Covering fish tanks and turning the pump off.
  • Ensuring pet food is covered or put away.
  • Covering pillows on all beds.

Information about our general pest control treatments

We work with you to control pests. We can carry out regular inspections and provide regular treatments to keep your family or business free from the danger pests can bring. If you’d like more information on ways to keep flies, spiders, ants and cockroaches at bay, read on.


To get pricing for your problem pest, please click on the pests dropdown in the menu at the top of the page and select the pest you’re having a problem with.

More about general pest treatment

One of our most popular treatments over the summer months.

We regularly get customers asking for a treatment to cover common pests. Our pest exterminator team developed the general pest treatment to cater for this. The treatment covers ants, cockroaches, flies and spiders.

Need more information about these pests? Go to the individual pest pages to learn more.

This provides the best overall coverage for common household pests

What we do

Our pest exterminator will apply internal treatments that include:

  • Ceilings throughout the home.
  • Walls in main living areas (kitchen, lounge, dining).
  • Wall joins in other areas.
  • Roof space and sub-floor areas.

Application of external treatments include;

  • The underside of eaves and gutters.
  • Around all entry points (doors and windows).
  • Any visible spiders webs.
  • A general banding of external walls
  • Granulated sand treatments in gardens adjacent to the house
Preparation & Aftercare

For external treatments only, no preparation is required.

For internal treatments the following preparations need to be made:

  • Cover or put away exposed foods like fruit bowls, etc.
  • Put clean dishes, tea towels and paper towels away. It’s OK to leave dishes out if they’re going to be washed. 
  • Put away toothbrushes, towels and toilet paper.
  • Cover fish tanks and turn the pump off.
  • Ensure pet food is covered or put away.
  • Pull the duvet up to cover all pillows on the bed and cover any cots.
  • You will need to vacate your home for a minimum of 4 hours from the time our pest exterminator has completed the treatment.

Aftercare for internal treatments:

  • On return, enter your home and open windows and doors and allow to air for 10mins.
  • Wipe down all food preparation surfaces. We recommend using rubber gloves while doing this and being conscious of not rubbing your eyes until the gloves are removed.

Aftercare for external treatments:

  • Leave spider webs in place for 5 days then remove with a brush.

Our internal treatments use synthetic pyrethroids (which are based on natural pyrethrums). The products we use have been proven safe in sensitive situations over several decades. All treatments are professionally applied and are at a level that are very safe for humans and pets. All products are readily metabolized. If you do come into contact with the treatment it will just pass straight through you and not build up in your body over time.

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