Sick of spider webs?

We spray for spiders across Auckland

An exterior spray for spiders can rid your home of unsightly webs for up to a year, and get rid of any white tails hanging around.

Keep spiders away

Although most are harmless, spiders still tend to cause panic in those who come across them, and cobwebs are pretty much unwelcome in any New Zealand home. If you’ve got loads of spider webs making you place look unkempt, or you’ve spotted a white-tail, call us to treat your home inside and out.

We’ll spray for spiders, removing both the eight-legged visitors and your house-keeping concerns.

Spider control is easy

If the inside and outside of your home look like it’s Halloween all year round, you may have a problem. 

Darker weather-board, corrugated iron and cedar houses in particular have huge problems with cobwebs.

Spider webs mean you’ve got unwelcome guests living in your home. Even though spiders aren’t all bad – they help get rid of other pests like mosquitoes and flies – spiders just aren’t that pleasant to encounter. They creep into tiny cracks and crevices and build webs that capture fresh meals and collect dust, leaving loads of mess behind them.

What about white tails?

As the weather warms up, most Kiwis head outside, but one Kiwi visitor scurries indoors instead: our Australian import, the white tail spider. Normally, they live outside in dark, damp spots hunting and feeding on other spiders, but as the days get warmer, drier and brighter they move inside looking for house spiders and dark little places to hide, such as the folds in bedding and towels, inside shoes and clothes if they’re left lying around on the floor.

White tails have a bad name as being dangerous, but the juries are still out as to whether their bites are actually that venemous. That said, some people do react badly, possibly to the bacteria, and the bites do sting. They are particularly unpleasant for children. 

Either way, call Bug King, we’ll spray your house, and the spiders will be gone.

get rid of spiders in house

Spider extermination across Auckland

We will provide all the information you need on how we get rid of spiders.

What our customers can expect:

  • Highly effective treatment over a long period
  • We take the time to understand your needs and what treatment is appropriate
  • We’re prompt and efficient
  • We carefully explain the precautions required, especially when pets are around
  • We provide all the necessary information before starting any extermination work
  • 24/7 service availability.

Spiders and flies

Spider treatments have a lot in common with our fly treatments. We recommend you combine fly and spider house spray treatments if you’re getting them done over the summer months.

The control of flying insects removes a source of food for many web building spiders – these are a food source for white-tailed spiders.

What do we do

Our spider treatments differ depending on whether we’re concentrating on webbing spiders or white-tailed spiders.

Webbing Spiders

House spraying for spiders: a treatment is applied to the under-side of gutters, the eaves, around all entry points, any visible webs and all wall surfaces. We also treat outdoor furniture, rubbish bins and fencing around outdoor living areas.

We add a surfactant to the treatment to provide weather proofing and UV resistance.

Internally, we apply a treatment to areas where spiders like to gather, such as the joins where walls and ceilings meet and any other areas you highlight as a concern.

White-tailed spiders

Additional treatments are applied to the roof space and sub-floor as well as other areas we identify as possible entry points or habitats, such as the insides of wardrobes.


  • From $195.50 External only spider treatment
  • From $165.00 Internal only spider treatment
  • From $287.50 Full internal & external spider treatment
  • From $342.50 White tailed spider treatment

How to pay for our Auckland pest extermination services:

We accept cash, EFTPOS or Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard). We also offer Internet banking by prior arrangement. All invoices are subject to Bug King Ltd’s Terms of Trade.

Please read our cancellation policy carefully.

  • Cancellation of a booking on the day of appointment will incur a $100.00 + GST booking fee.
  • Cancellation of a booking made the day prior to appointment, but within 24 hours, will incur a $50.00 + GST booking fee.
  • No fees are charged for cancellations made with more than 24 hours’ notice.

To discourage spiders coming in from the great outdoors, we can be apply a barrier spray around the perimeter of your home to keep you web free.


It’s always good to take someone else’s word for it!  Read what our customers have said about us following a successful pest removal. We can also arrange for you to speak directly to someone who has used our services, as we appreciate that you need to be absolutely certain about how our pest control works before you ask us into your home.