“Ughhh. Do you know what’s pretty no-fun? A very big wasp nest hiding under some vines that you accidentally pull on yourself. Do you know what is good though? An exterminator that comes to deal with a whole lot of angry wasps within 30 minutes of you calling him and does his thing in about 10minutes flat, leaving you with only a whole pile of dead wasps, which is just how I like my wasps. Amazing service from the Bug King”. – Rebecca S. Auckland


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We usually deal with two types of wasp call outs.

Nuisance wasps in the garden (where the nest can’t be found)
Wasp nest removal across Auckland

Nuisance wasps don’t necessarily mean you have an active wasp nest nearby. It is more likely that there are trees or bushes that provide a sugar based liquid food such as nectar that the adult wasps can feed on.

Wasps are swarm feeders. If a foraging wasp finds a good food source, it’ll return to the nest and alert the other workers. In a very short time, one wasp can become hundreds. Once a food location is identified, they’ll keep returning to it until the food runs out.

Wasps also forage for nesting material by stripping wood from fences, decks and furniture; this usually means a nest is nearby.

If you think there is a nest on your property, stand and watch for a few minutes. This is normally enough to establish a flight path and determine where they are coming from.

Individual wasps live for only 3 weeks. However, a nest can grow to the size of a beach ball and hold 10,000 wasps in a season.

wasp nest removal west auckland

Safe wasp nest removal Auckland wide

Wasp exterminators in Auckland

Nuisance wasps have been difficult to treat in the past as locating the nest was difficult.

We can now treat these with a new ground-breaking baiting solution. Wasps are attracted to the bait, consume it, and take it back to the nest. The active ingredient is then passed throughout the nest, exterminating it within a few days. The bait does not attract bees.

We take wasp control seriously

Wasps can be dangerous, so we treat them with urgency. We’ll do our very best to get to your home or business ASAP.

Wasp nest removal

If we can clearly see the entrance to the nest, we inject a powder directly into it. If the entrance is not visible, we apply a residual spray to areas where wasps land before entering the nest. As far as wasp extermination goes, both methods are very effective at getting product into the nest to exterminate it.

Our focus is on your safety when exterminating the nest. We approach the nest in a way that minimises disturbance. This ensures the wasps become confused rather than aggressive and dangerous.

The nest is usually dead within a couple of hours.

Wasp treatment you can rely upon

All the information you need on our wasp nest removal and wasp control practices.


  • $165.00 for wasp extermination and wasp nest control
  • $195.50 for a baiting programme for foraging wasps
  • $165.00 for follow-up visits for the baiting programme.

 What our customers can expect:

  • We’re prompt and efficient
  • We will explain any precautions required, especially if pets are around
  • We provide all the necessary information before starting any extermination work
  • 24/7 service availability.

Common nesting locations are

  • Gaps in the foundation walls, like the ventilation openings, weep holes, trap doors.
  • The guttering and edges of roofing.
  • The base of thick shrubs like flax, agapanthus, tree trunks and stumps.

How we will approach your wasp problem

We can deal with problems wasp nest safely. Getting close to them can be quite dangerous, but with the right gear and the right treatment, we can take care of it.

We’ll will look at your wasp issue, decide on the wasp treatment best suited to your situation and then give you a quote.

Wasp Control Auckland

When it comes to wasps, it’s important an expert takes care of them quickly and thoroughly. Our team has the correct protective clothing, tools, and experience for the job.

Treating a nest usually needs to be done just once, but with some huge nests, they may require two rounds of treatment before being fully cleared out.

If you live or work in Auckland, call Bug King on 0800 54 64 54. We’re the wasp exterminators Auckland know they can rely upon for fast, efficient, safe results.

We do wasp control Auckland wide.

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