Got rodents at your rental property?

Call us for rodent control Auckland wide.

When it comes to who is responsible for rodent control in a rental property, it’s not absolutely clear.

Auckland rodent control services

Thanks to their skill at spreading disease and causing problems rodents are among the most unwelcome pests in Auckland homes. Rats and mice are renowned for causing problems and contaminating homes with their gnawing, urine and faeces. If you suspect you have rat or rodent control issues, call us immediately.

Our team of rodent control experts will determine the extent of your problem and then select the appropriate high-quality treatment to remove them once and for all, leaving your home healthy and rat-free.

  • $195.50 includes 2 x rat bait stations, or 4 x mouse bait stations (if required).
  • If the infestation is severe, we may recommend a 7-day follow-up visit.
  • $172.50 7-day follow-up visit
  • We guarantee to exterminate existing rat/mouse nests on your property.
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Rodent control in rental properties

Rats and mice can transmit diseases and destroy property. Any home or business can face a rodent problem. At Bug King, we understand that finding mice or rats in a home or business can be very distressing for both tenants and landlords.

According to Tenancy NZ ….

Landlords need to make sure the property is free from pests and tenants need to keep their house in a condition that doesn’t encourage pests.

Tenants also need to know what to do if there’s an infestation.

Call Bug King on 0800 546454 to find out about Auckland’s safe, discreet rodent control services that work every time.


If there is a rodent infestation

If you’re a tenant and you notice signs of rats or mice, let the landlord know straight away. If rodents weren’t there when you moved in and no one has done anything to cause them to come and make your home theirs, it is unclear who’s responsible for getting rid of them.

Because it no clear cut as to who is responsible for rodent control in a rental property, landlords and tenants often agree to split the cost between them.

A horror story for property managers

This story from Mark Mcdonald, the owner of Bug King is about the biggest risk to the properties that you manage, and your customers’ investments ….  rodents.

“We are constantly hearing horror stories from property managers, where tenants have had flooding or electrical fires in roofs. And this is all down to rodents. Rodents are causing the damage by chewing water pipes, and by chewing electrical wires, which is causing fires and flooding.

Now, everyone thinks that the reason rodents chew water pipes in the ceiling is because they are looking for water.

That’s not the case.

The real reason they’re chewing water pipes and electrical wires is because ….. rodents’ teeth, those two front incisors, just continually grow and grow and grow. And the only way they can stop them from becoming too long and becoming an unmanageable level is by gnawing. So that’s the problem, gnawing.

They’ll gnaw on anything. I’ve seen rats gnaw through concrete. I’ve seen them gnaw through steel wire, small steel wires, not big ones. I’ve seen rats gnaw through timber, I’ve seen rats gnaw through electrical wires and plastic pipes.

So, it’s really important that you get the rodent problem sorted out in your tenants’ properties, ….. and that’s because they are the biggest risk of any sort of pest damaging the owners’ property.

So, property managers, if you’ve got rodents, make sure you tell those tenants that they need to tell you immediately and we need to get it sorted”.


It’s always good to take someone else’s word for it!  Read what our customers have said about us following a successful pest removal. We can also arrange for you to speak directly to someone who has used our services, as we appreciate that you need to be absolutely certain about how our pest control works before you ask us into your home.