Are you battling ant problems at home? Our exterminators will sort them, properly.

Summer’s here ….

As summer heads our way, ants tend to find their way into our Auckland homes and businesses. Bug King can fix that.

You’d imagine a lone ant scurrying across your kitchen bench would be a pretty easy issue to deal with. A small trail of ants doesn’t cause too many problems either, does it? Simply get out a damp cloth and some spray, and they’re gone. Or are they?

Don’t be lulled me into a false sense of security.

Ants are social creatures that live in colonies of zillions. Queen ants hang out in a hidden nest and produce thousands of ants to maintain the colony while several million worker ants roam around retrieving food to keep the colony growing.

The ants you’ll see wandering across your kitchen bench are these older workers ants. Their job is to go out looking for food and new digs for all their thousands of hungry buddies. Most ants build their nests outside and come into homes in search of food while the rest of the ant colony waits for them outside in lawns, trees, walls, roofs, floors, and foundations. They then follow the new scent trails the worker ants have laid to your kitchen. These are the ones that really cause the ant problems at home.

Make sure these wee pests don’t overstay their welcome.

So, you get out your insect killer and spray those ants you see on the bench. Sorted. But no. Those forager ants you think you’ve got rid of make up only about five per cent of the colony. You’ve likely got a much bigger ant infestation on your hands. Just like winter, they’re coming.

What to do about your ant problem? Call Bug King.

The key to getting rid of ants is to target the ones you don’t see.

To get rid of ants properly, you need to get rid of the queen. The problem is she never leaves the nest; she just stays hidden, breeding and being fed by the younger worker ants. So, you need to take advantage of their lines of communication.

We do this by using a non-repellent treatment that we lay around the outside of your house. This targets the ant highways and active ant trails. The ants pick up microscopic particles of the treatment and take them back to the ant nest. This causes it to collapse as the ants die.  

In most cases, this happens within a week, unless it’s a particularly large nest. Then it can take up to five weeks.

If you want immediate relief from the ants on your bench, we can also apply a repellent that keeps the ants outside while the external treatment does its work. Our internal treatments use synthetic pyrethroids, based on natural pyrethrums.

To get rid of ants from your place and keep it that way, call us on 0800 546454.

Call Bug King and you can have your cake and eat it too. No more ant problems at home.