Getting rid of mice

Heard scurrying sounds in the middle of the night? It’s most probably mice. If you’re a mouse, there’s nothing nicer than a warm hot water cupboard, or a cosy nest in the pile of shopping bags in the pantry, and as temperatures drop over winter, now is the time when mice head into all sorts of homes and businesses around Auckland.

Mice on the move

House mice are active all year round, so you could find them invading your home or business at any time, but right now they’re out there looking for new supplies of food and shelter. Mice are busy doing just about anything they can to find a way into your home or business.

Let’s talk about mice

Well, they’re pretty small and almost cute, kind of, but those small furry creatures scurrying across the kitchen floor can be a real health hazard.

As cute as you may think Mickey and Minnie are, mice almost continually dribble urine, spreading diseases and contaminating food. They also damage wiring, pipework and buildings. They can cause fires and lead to business closures or fines.

Mouse features

Generally, mice are about 70 – 95mm long, with a tail around the same length. Their relatively small feet and head and their large eyes and ears are how you can distinguish them from a horrible young rat.

Mice are masters at getting into buildings and will chew, gnaw, climb, or swim to reach where they have decided they are going. Mice can jump just over 30cms, that’s 1/2 a metre, and they can run along wires, cables, and ropes. They can climb rough and vertical surfaces.

Any home or business can face a rodent problem, and we understand that finding mice in your home or business can be very distressing. Luckily, for you, but not so much for the mice, calling our expert mouse exterminators is absolutely the best way to get rid of mice from your Auckland home or business.

How do you know if mice have moved in?

Well, if you come across little black “rice”, it is most likely mouse droppings. If you find shredded paper, packaging, or shopping bags you have most likely found a mouse nest.

Mice will build their nests from just about any soft material and they will gnaw holes in stored food bags. So, if find chewed wires etc, droppings or an unpleasant urine smell, or you have spotted the little blighters scurrying around close to walls and vertical surfaces, it’s best to call us quick.

Auckland mice busters

Rodent control is one of the most common enquiries we get at Bug King, and to get rid of mice, you need to understand what they do and what they like.

Unluckily for them, our exterminators know exactly what the best way to get rid of mice is.

It’s all about access points. Wherever mice or their droppings are seen, that was their entry point, and they don’t tend to venture very far away. They like to come in around sinks in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, or wherever there is piping. A mouse can squeeze in a hole about the size of your little finger. They also like to get into buildings by jumping from foliage onto roofs.

Get results fast and discreetly

Our pest control technicians will talk to you about the mouse problem and ask where you think they may be getting into your house or business premises. They will then carry out a thorough inspection and decide on the best eradication approach. It may be bait or traps, depending on your preference. We will always make a return visit to check on stations and rebait if necessary.

Call the team at Bug King on 0800 546454 to talk about the best way to get rid of mice from your Auckland property.

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