Bird proofing that keeps birds away humanely

Birds are lovely. They’re our feathered friends and most of us really like them (unless we’ve been watching Alfred Hitchcock movies). We generally enjoy having them around with all the colour and music they bring. Except of course when they’re landing, roosting, perching, preening, pooing, squawking, screeching and generally making a nuisance of themselves at our place or business, particularly one that involves food.

At Bird King, we’ve got effective, humane bird proofing tools to deter birds from hanging around. No spikes, no netting, no burnt feet: birds just fly away! To remedy bird problems at your place, get in touch.


For businesses in Auckland, bird control is a priority.

  • Safeguard customers, staff, friends and family from hygiene issues.
  • Protect property from costly bird damage.
  • Birds learn the area is not a good place to hang out and go elsewhere.
  • The solution is cost-effective, and humane, and it works long-term.
  • Our bird repellent is safe for people, pets and the environment.

help with bird proofing

But birds are beautiful …..

Agreed, but if you have pigeons, doves, sparrows, mynahs, magpies or seagulls causing problems on your property, it’s time to invest in some bird proofing that works. The Bug King solution is very cost-effective and will fix your bird problem humanely, safely and permanently.

Birds can create an unsightly mess. Their droppings expose customers, staff, family and friends to significant health risks.

They can also damage wood, metal, plastic, and stone surfaces with their acidity. Nests and feathers can clog chimneys, guttering and downpipes, leading to roof leaks. Birds can also jam AC units, window frames, rooftop vents and perching birds damage outdoor light fixtures and security cameras.

Our bird proofing spray

  • Can be sprayed on all surfaces
  • Has been studied by numerous universities and government agencies over decades
  • Is FDA approved
  • Is Biodegradable and non-toxic.

How does our bird proofing work?

Bug King’s bird proofing solution is hasers. These are atomisers. They release an invisible mist of bird repellent at regular intervals, deterring birds from entering your space and creating a bird-free zone.

We place these atomisers strategically around your shop, warehouse, open garage, or outdoor seating area. They are set to work on timers for maximum protection with minimal effort from you.

What’s in the deterrent?

The active ingredient in our repellent is Methyl Anthranilate (MA), which is derived from grape seeds. MA acts like pepper spray to birds, irritating their eyes, beaks and throats.

To people, it has a mild grape smell, a bit like bubble gum, but birds really hate it. MA is used as a fragrance or flavouring in many types of foods, including fizzy drinks, ice cream, sweets and gelatine.

Birds learn that the area is not a good place to hang out and go elsewhere.

Investing in an effective bird deterrent from Bug King is the best and kindest way to keep your property free of birds and their debris.