Are your fur children bringing home unwanted guests?

We know how to get rid of fleas in the house fast …

It’s spring. If your fur babies are busy scratching, who are you going to call? Bug King, and it’s best you call us pronto to treat your home. Ten adult fleas can grow into a population of 250,000 of the little suckers in just 1 month.

 According to Stuff, ‘How to get rid of fleas’ made Google’s top 10 of ‘How to…‘ searches by New Zealanders in 2019, and we don’t imagine things will have changed much since then.

Flea infestation can become a problem when there are pets around. The easiest way to spot if you do have a flea infestation at your place is when your pets are scratching themselves more than usual. 

Don’t wait to deal with a flea problem. In colder weather, a flea pupa can remain dormant for 18 months. It’s spring already and in summer, things will only get worse. Fleas can hatch after only 7-14 days, and a female flea can produce 40–50 eggs per day. At this time of year, Auckland pest control companies get busy. You don’t want to have to wait for our flea fighters. We know how to get rid of fleas in the house fast and can help.

how to get rid of fleas bites

So you, your family and your fur babies can get a good night’s sleep, call Bug King.

Fleas are a fact of life for pet owners and are a significant cause of illness in our pets. Fleas are much more than just a nuisance. The discomfort and allergic reactions can be a matter of real concern, so if your pets have brought fleas into your home, it’s best you call us as soon as possible come and make your home a flea-free environment.

I flea treat my pets regularly, why do I have fleas?

Pets pick up fleas regularly. If you treat your pet and it is removed from the home or goes into a part of the house it usually doesn’t have access to, the mature fleas will need a new food source once your dog or cat has wandered off. More than likely, that will be you and your family. A better option is to flea-treat your pet but not restrict access to areas where it usually hangs out.

Fleas are parasites that live exclusively on the blood of a host organism. Being wingless, to find their next bloody meal, fleas jump. These little suckers are capable of a vertical leap of around 18cm, and a distance of more 30cm. For a six-foot human, this would be the equivalent of a jump 48m high and 90m long.

What you need to know about flea infestations

Fleas breed in carpet pile, soft furnishings and cracks and crevices where dust and moisture can gather. Other common flea breeding areas are pet bedding areas or areas outside where pets like to rest. Stray cats prowling around your home or living under the house is also a common source of flea infestations.

I haven’t seen any fleas; do I have fleas?

Most of our customers call us because of bites; a flea is never usually spotted. Usually, multiple family members have been bitten on their feet, lower legs and around the waist.

Why don’t flea bombs work?

It all comes down to the flea life cycle. Flea bombs will only kill adult fleas and larvae which is only about 40 per cent of the flea population. The other 60 per cent are unaffected by the flea bomb fumes and the killing power stops once the fumes disappear.

I’ve arrived back from holiday and fleas jumped all over my legs

This is due to the flea life cycle again. No one has been home. You have removed the fleas’ preferred food source. While you’ve been away, the fleas move through their life cycle and are starving when you finally return, so when you walk in the door, they’ll immediately hatch and latch on to you for a feed.

Our flea treatments focus on flea breeding areas and exterminating all stages of their lifecycle. The treatment contains products to exterminate adult fleas and, more importantly, a growth regulator to kill eggs as they hatch.

We apply a spray treatment directly to carpets and rugs, skirting boards and tongue and groove floors throughout your home. The technician will also identify other potential breeding areas (pet resting areas inside and out, sub-floor, etc) and treat these as well.

Fleas are usually under control within 2 days, but you may notice the odd flea hopping about for up to 2 weeks as maturing fleas hatch from the pupae. After coming into contact with the treatment, these will soon die.

Need an exterminator for fleas at your home or business? Give the team a call for advice or to make a booking. Our team knows how to get rid of fleas in the house fast. Phone Bug King on 0800 546454.

how to get rid of fleas in house

Fast, effective flea control in Auckland

Pricing for flea control

Treatments start from $195.50 and we offer a six-month warranty for all our flea treatments, regardless of the season.

Several factors affect how much you can expect to be quoted, such as

  • The scale and size of the infestation
  • How many visits are required
  • The size and location of your home.