Relax, it’s probably not as bad as you think….

Because not all cockroaches are equal.

There’s two distinct categories, indoor and outdoor cockroaches.

Indoor cockroaches

The nasty little buggers that live in your kitchen behind the fridge and think nothing of walking all over your dinner with their little disease ridden feet . You definitely don’t want these in your home but we won’t spend to much time on these as they’re not as common as the……

Outdoor cockroaches

These guys are harmless. Scary looking, especially if they’re the big black Gisborne cockroach, but harmless. They’d much rather be outside frolicking in leaf litter and decaying wood but they occasionally they pop inside for a visit and to hang out on the walls of your home.

Why do they come inside?

So why do these outdoor cockroaches want to pop in for a visit? Well, if it’s winter, it’s getting a bit cold and wet outside. If you’re looking for somewhere warm and dry, then it’s just a short crawl up the wall and through that gap in the window or around the drainpipe.

Other common ways they get inside are being brought in with the mail. or firewood or if you disturb their habitat while doing gardening.

Cockroach control Auckland
The Gisborne Cockroach. An Australian import that likes to live outdoors. You often find them around BBQ’s or in bark gardens. Scary looking but harmless.

Should I worry?

As long as you’re not seeing cockroaches scuttle for cover when you switch on the kitchen light at night, then you’ve probably just got a few harmless wood cockroaches looking for a bit of shelter. Unpleasant. Yes, but certainly not a hygiene issue.

How can I keep them out where they belong?

Exclusion, exclusion, exclusion!!! You need to apply treatments to all potential entry points as well as the external walls to keep these pests out of your home and in the garden where they belong

This was a very quick explanation of the different types of cockroaches. Unsure what type you have? Feel free to call the team at Bug King on 0800 546454 for advice or to book a cockroach exterminator.