Do those ultrasonic things you plug in the wall work?

People often ask our team at Bug King about using those ultrasonic things you plug in the wall to get rid of rats, mice and unwanted insects. And no, we don’t use them. Why not?  Because electronic rodent repellers don’t work.

If those gizmos were effective, then we’d recommend them 100 per cent because they would make our lives a load easier, but no, those fancy electro-pulsing machines can’t get rid of rodents. And it’s not just our exterminators that think so. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) disputes the efficacy of electronic rodent repellers, as do Kansas State University and the Australian Newcastle University, for example.

What are ultrasonic rodent repellers?

Ultrasonic pest repellers emit high-frequency soundwaves that are allegedly intolerable to rodents and insects. They are popular with consumers because they are silent to human ears, they’re easy to use and they supposedly eliminate the need for traps and poison. 

Electronic rodent repellers are touted as an easy, green, safe, chemical-free way to get rid of rodents. If only!

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The plan is that you plug these ultrasonic devices into a standard outlet, and they then emit high-frequency sounds that supposedly cause audiogenic seizure response, characterised by non-directional running, convulsions, and possibly death from a cerebral haemorrhage. The theory behind the devices is that confused rats and mice just pack their bags and leave when the noise prevents them from gathering food, breeding, building nests or communicating.

The fact is that ultrasonic pest control devices don’t really work

Studies found that even those pests that initially seemed bothered by the noise from the electronic rodent repellers soon become habituated as they realised the noise was harmless. So, you may get some temporary relief, but before you know it those rats and mice start treating these products as soothing background music; a harmless racket as they go about their daily routines at your place.

What’s more, soundwaves from ultrasonic pest control devices are short-range. The signal strength rapidly diminishes, so they’re easily blocked by furniture, walls and corners.

Manufacturers of electronic rodent repellers challenged about their claims

Manufacturers of ultrasonic pest repellers have been challenged about making claims that aren’t supported by scientific testing. The U.S Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sent letters to manufacturers of ultrasonic pest control devices, demanding that claims of effectiveness must be backed up by scientific research evidence. Consequently, the wording on much of their packaging and websites has changed significantly; it is much more understated.

Basically, manufacturers claim the high-frequency sounds these ultrasonic pest repellers emit will get rid of rats and mice, but laboratory tests have shown that the majority of such devices do not work as advertised. The Newcastle University study rejected ultrasonic sound as a means for rodent control saying the ultrasound waves had not been shown to eradicate rodents and in fact, had no effect on rodent populations.

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